El Montnegre i el Corredor
Natural Park

A few kilometers away from the metropolitan area of Barcelona, you will find this unique experience connecting with nature. The county of Dosrius is located inside the region of Maresme, next to Vallés Oriental and formed by three population centers: Dosrius, Canyamars and Can Masseut el Far.

The area is integrated in the protected El Montnegre i el Corredor Natural Park that takes up part of the Catalan Coastal Range between the regions of Maresme, Valles Oriental and la Selva.

El Montenegre is over 750 metres high, while Corredor reaches 640 metres with a more accessible and lighter relief. Both share vegetation in which holm and cork oak and stone pines prevail.

Human presence dates from before the roman period. Neolithic dolmens, Iberian remains and medieval churches are inserted in a diverse landscape of crops, forests and farmhouses, product of the agro-forestry uses of the last centuries.
Municipality of Dosrius
Santuario del Corredor
Dolmen de Pedra Gentil
Pozo del hielo de Canyamars